Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Emma & Rifle Paper Co.

Pretty sure the lovely people over at Rifle Paper Co have seen this picture of my friend Emma on our recent little jaunt to Paris. Here she is looking as glamourous as ever in headscarf & ghetto hoops riding along the Boulevard Beaumarchais after coffee & lemonade at Merci. And here they are over at Anthropologie. It's actually kind of freaaaaky.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

the old Fogel

found this hosiery packaging by via iamagreedygirl from Fogel, a hosiery brand founded in Zurich in 1921 and making legwear cool again in 2011+. Gimme those packages, I'll put them on my wall please. Thank you Fogel - maybe you could send your ridiculously beautiful little parcels of nylon to the Duchess of Cambridge who (in my decided opinion) needs a bit of zha zha zhuming-up in the hosiery department....

Six Architects

Posters by Andrea Gallo spotted on yellowtrace blog are really feeding the eye this morning. Nothing like a bunch of sexy graphic posters of a bunch of sexy buildings. One down (Barcelona Pavilion), five to go (gotta get out more).....

Sunday, 20 November 2011

pattern colour texture

Today with a grey sky above I am dreaming about colour. Look. Colour. Everywhere. Go on. Get bright. This is a hand selection from my Pinterest board 'Pattern Colour Texture' but I only really care about the colour today.... Its all consuming...
clockwise from L to R
onesidezero via
Doucette Duval: bow amazingness via seesawdesigns
Repetto's L'Atelier service at Selfridges in London via
Flaminkpingos looking pretty damn gorgeous via
Carrie doing windswept colourblocking before it was cool via
Ariel the greatest redhead ever known via
Holi, the Hindu festival of colour via
Coloured pencils via