Wednesday, 21 December 2011

pink and white fairies in film

Luisa Brimble from Serendipity Corner has waved her magic little creative wand again and this time it is over 2 white fairies Marg & (apprehensively) me framed by a hydrangea pink brick wall at the 'Feels Like Home' collaboration shoot. This time using film. Real. Live. Beautiful. Film. Marg & I shot by the gorgeous Eliza Barr. Marg is wearing Gorman.


Film camera: Canon EOS-3 // Film: Kodak Portra 400 & Kodak Ektar 100.

Feels Like Home models: Margaret Zhang, Emma Lucey, Sara Donaldson // Photography: Luisa Brimble // Stylist: Dominique Brammah // Make-up Artist: Megan Vaughan // Hair Stylist: Amy Taylor // Photographer's assistant: Marione Lozano // Copywriter: Eliza Barr // Designers: Kahlo, Gorman, Secret Squirrel, Mrs Press // Location: Nicky Crowley

Monday, 19 December 2011

a loving party of floral friends by Aleksandra

These are hands-down the most INCREDIBLE flowers I have ever seen by Sydney florist, styler & handwriter Aleksandra (watch out Aleks, I might just be your biggest fan/stalker). They are gobsmackingly, heart-achingly, breathtakingly beautiful. They look like they have been collected from a garden and lovingly gathered together with such a subtle and soft sense of structure. It's so lovely to see a haphazard collection of flowers doing what flowers do best. Every blossom and bloom is celebrated by its neighbour. Hydrangea says to Peony "man, you are beautiful at the best of times but you look are looking damn fine standing there next to me". It is a loving party of floral friends and I wish I was amongst it. Gorgeous stuff. Stalk to be continued....

Sunday, 18 December 2011

baby, bright & fuschia

Another pink post for today just because I felt like it....
All images (and credits) on my Pinterest page with love on this Monday afternoon. This is the true beauty of Pinterest - instant boards of delight at the drop of a hat!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

a bit more weekend fun with flowers

Lovely little Peonies, Roses (with a special hint of David Austins), Sea holly, Dahlias & Dusty Miller in a HUGE bouquet I did for the lovely Kat (& her 4 girls) for her wedding on Friday. Somehow between the rain the sun came out and shone brightly down on her for her special day.

Feels Like Home collaboration shoot

Yesterday, in a beautiful 1960s house surrounded by a lovingly tended native garden and veggie patch complete with chooks, rabbit and 2 little dogs and the most generous, talented and creative team we shot 3 exceptionally gorgeous young fashion bloggers and ate delicious things. Here is a little sneak peak.

Thanks as always go to the irreplaceable energy of Luisa Brimble of
Serendipity Corner whose creative talent and passion convinces anyone they can do anything.

'Feels Like Home' a collaboration photoshoot
Models: Margaret Zhang - // Emma Lucey - // Sara Donaldson - 
Photography: Luisa Brimble
Make-up Artist: Megan Vaughan
Hair Stylist: Amy Taylor
Photographer's assistant: Marione Lozano
Copywriter: Eliza Barr
Location: Nicky Crowley

Sunday, 4 December 2011

gardenias & greens

It's not everyday you get to enjoy rocket, basil, parsley & mixed little lettuces freshly picked out of a home grown organic veggie patch. And it's not everyday you get a little bunch of gardenias grown with love to smell while you craft away in your Ma's house.... Today me lucky x

Thursday, 1 December 2011

pops of pink

After a parcel from the Cambridge Satchel Co. arrived on my doorstep on a bleak rainy day this week I have become completely OBSESSED with neon pink on me and in my house. Perhaps I'm reverting back to childhood days of wishing I could live in Barbie's house and make out with Ken in between my day jobs being a vet, a doctor, a princess and a queen and always wearing heels. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to live in a fully fledged pink plastic palace but I will have a pop of pink or two about the place please....

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Emma & Rifle Paper Co.

Pretty sure the lovely people over at Rifle Paper Co have seen this picture of my friend Emma on our recent little jaunt to Paris. Here she is looking as glamourous as ever in headscarf & ghetto hoops riding along the Boulevard Beaumarchais after coffee & lemonade at Merci. And here they are over at Anthropologie. It's actually kind of freaaaaky.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

the old Fogel

found this hosiery packaging by via iamagreedygirl from Fogel, a hosiery brand founded in Zurich in 1921 and making legwear cool again in 2011+. Gimme those packages, I'll put them on my wall please. Thank you Fogel - maybe you could send your ridiculously beautiful little parcels of nylon to the Duchess of Cambridge who (in my decided opinion) needs a bit of zha zha zhuming-up in the hosiery department....

Six Architects

Posters by Andrea Gallo spotted on yellowtrace blog are really feeding the eye this morning. Nothing like a bunch of sexy graphic posters of a bunch of sexy buildings. One down (Barcelona Pavilion), five to go (gotta get out more).....

Sunday, 20 November 2011

pattern colour texture

Today with a grey sky above I am dreaming about colour. Look. Colour. Everywhere. Go on. Get bright. This is a hand selection from my Pinterest board 'Pattern Colour Texture' but I only really care about the colour today.... Its all consuming...
clockwise from L to R
onesidezero via
Doucette Duval: bow amazingness via seesawdesigns
Repetto's L'Atelier service at Selfridges in London via
Flaminkpingos looking pretty damn gorgeous via
Carrie doing windswept colourblocking before it was cool via
Ariel the greatest redhead ever known via
Holi, the Hindu festival of colour via
Coloured pencils via

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Confetti System

When I discovered the ridiculously talented paper wizzes at the Confetti System I was wildly jealous of their clearly fabulous working lives spent playing with paper and mylar. It is with the greatest of lust that I ogle at their garlands, their paper pom garlands made for a Lanvin garden party, their hand-cut confetti & their incredibly sexy pinatas. When I saw the band Beach House at Angel Place earlier this year I instantly recognised the rotating pinatas glistening away behind the band as those of the Confetti System. I want to sprinkle a bit of Confetti System everywhere.  


(images from &

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

work-shopping europe

today im dreaming a little dream of my European wardrobe. It is mostly dreaming.....

01 maybe another little Repetto purchase?
02 my new little YSL indulgence
03 world's cutest child with the best hair & red/white stripes
04 hitting Liberty London.
06 scalloped bottom shorts from Topshop (in denial it is getting cold)
07 dyed agate slices that are now on a brass chain and look killer
09 navy & white checked shirt & Zara skirt with lots of necklaces
10 clock-blocking up a treat in these bangles from Forever 21
11 wouldn't mind bringing one of these Mulberry Alexa's home (dreaming).
12 first stop Zara for some knits and a warm bright coat. 

Dream complete. 

a little Lanvin

With an upcoming little jaunt to Europe only a week away I've been looking at things I could never afford but are only for European eyes and where else did I end up but the Lanvin eStore.
Not only did the unbelievably beautiful lofty billowy willowy silk frocks and the absolutely fiercely beautiful jewellery knock my socks off but the mannequins made me have a giggle and love the fact that one of France's oldest fashion houses doesn't take itself too seriously. I want one. And I'll have the peachy pink frilled neck lizard frock while I'm at it.