Monday, 19 December 2011

a loving party of floral friends by Aleksandra

These are hands-down the most INCREDIBLE flowers I have ever seen by Sydney florist, styler & handwriter Aleksandra (watch out Aleks, I might just be your biggest fan/stalker). They are gobsmackingly, heart-achingly, breathtakingly beautiful. They look like they have been collected from a garden and lovingly gathered together with such a subtle and soft sense of structure. It's so lovely to see a haphazard collection of flowers doing what flowers do best. Every blossom and bloom is celebrated by its neighbour. Hydrangea says to Peony "man, you are beautiful at the best of times but you look are looking damn fine standing there next to me". It is a loving party of floral friends and I wish I was amongst it. Gorgeous stuff. Stalk to be continued....

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